Rental for months

Are you looking for a car for 1 to 24 months? 

The subscription car with MINICITY is the best solution. The offer is addressed to companies and individuals for whom the most important is the use of a car and not its possession. Advantages of renting for months:

flexible offer tailored to the client’s needs

new cars with small runs

guarantee of fixed costs throughout the duration of the contract *

no initial payment

full liability insurance / accident insurance and assistance

24h care for 7 days a week

 fleet care (we have the duty to look after service dates, replace tires and the entire administrative process related to fleet management)

Contact us on one of the following numbers and we will gladly suggest the best solution for you:

+48 798 944 244
+48 798 944 344

* the price depends on the selected vehicle class, rental length and season.