Terms and conditions of Minicity.pl car rental


The operator of the Minicity.pl car rental company is Be-Lux Sławomir Lampkowski Ul. Pałacowa 35, 80-180 Kowale (NIP 5842020514; REGON 220967625) hereinafter referred to as the Lessor. The vehicle handed over for use is indicated on the first page of the rental agreement. The tenant is a natural or legal person specified in the LENDER section on the first page of the Agreement. The condition for the conclusion of the Agreement is that the tenant or person authorized to use the vehicle has the right category driving license for a period of at least 12 months and a minimum of 21 years.


The rental period starts from the date and time specified in the rental agreement. The minimum rental period is 24 hours from the hour specified in the rental agreement. The lease period is specified in the provisions contained in the rental agreement. Extending the rental period requires the consent of the Lessor, in the event of a change of the vehicle return date, the Lessor must be informed immediately, no later than 24 hours before the vehicle’s return deadline. Extension of the lease for a period longer than 24 hours must be made at the Lessor’s branch or at a place agreed by both parties. Payment for an extended rental period must be settled at the time of rental extension. The lack of notification of the intention to extend the rental period of the Vehicle and not return it within 12 hours from the end of the Agreement shall be treated as an encroachment and may be reported to the Police.
The Renter’s prolongation of the lease by more than 59 minutes over the period included in the Rental Agreement shall result in charging the next day’s rental fee.


The rent for rent is calculated for the whole day specified in the Rental Agreement.
The fee for the entire rental period specified in the Rental Agreement is charged in advance in accordance with the price of the Lessor being in force on the day the Agreement is concluded. Payment is possible after booking by credit card, debit card, credit card or bank transfer when signing the Lease Agreement at the rental office or at a place approved by both parties.
Payment in cash is possible only after acceptance by MINICITY car rental and fleet management.
The lessor sets a deposit for the rented vehicle in the amount indicated for a given class of vehicles, but not less than PLN 500 gross. In this case, the amount of the deposit appropriate for a given group of vehicles is entered in the appropriate place on the first page of the Lease Agreement and collected by the Lessor at the time of delivery of the Vehicle, and returned within 30 days of returning the vehicle, provided that the condition of the vehicle complies with the terms of this agreement.
For the payment of the deposit described in point 3 it is also considered to block funds on the Lessee’s credit or debit card (pre-authorization). The Lessee agrees that the Lessor may carry out a renewal operation of the amount of the agreed deposit on the contract until the car is returned without the physical participation of the payment card.


The Vehicle’s delivery takes place on the day the contract is concluded or on a different date agreed by both parties. The vehicle is passed with a full fuel tank. Any comments on the technical condition of the Vehicle, the Lessee or other person authorized to collect the vehicle must be notified at the time of handing over the vehicle. If the comments are not reported, it is assumed that the condition of the Vehicle was good, without any defects or faults that were not reported upon its receipt.
After the rental period has expired, the Lessee is obliged to return the Vehicle at the place and time specified in the Agreement. The vehicle should be returned with a full fuel tank. If the Lessee returns the not fully tanked vehicle, it will be charged a service fee of PLN 50 gross plus the cost of refueled fuel according to the market prices of fuel valid on the day the vehicle is returned. The condition of the returned Vehicle should not be worse than when it was picked up by the Lessee. Along with the Vehicle, the Lessee is obliged to return the keys and all documents as well as additional equipment provided with the Vehicle.


The Lessor declares that the vehicle has a full range of OC and AC insurance, which release the Lessee (or the person driving the vehicle) from liability in the event of a collision and theft, excluding:
– accidental damage to the vehicle,
– damage resulting from the Lessee’s gross negligence in relation to traffic safety or while securing the vehicle,
– damage to the vehicle if the person in charge was drunk or under the influence of drugs or intoxicants or without a valid driving license,
– damage to the vehicle if the permitted speed is exceeded by at least 30 km / h or if another gross violation of road traffic regulations is committed,
– if the driver escaped from the accident scene,
– in the case of theft of a vehicle with documents and keys or theft of a vehicle in which all the anti-theft devices have not been activated,
– partial damages settled under the Auto Casco policy result in charging the Lessee with a fee for participation in the damage in accordance with the security package chosen by the Lessor, which is specified in the rental agreement.


The Lessee during the term of this Lease Agreement undertakes:
– respect the rules of normal use of the vehicle;
– use all mounted anti-theft devices each time when leaving the Vehicle;
– to have at hand valid documents required by traffic control authorities;
– perform daily Vehicle service and adhere to the Vehicle’s instruction manual;
– pay special attention to the indicators located on the dashboard, and in the case of irregularities, immediately contact the Lessor or service;
– use the right type of fuel in accordance with the Vehicle’s instruction manual;
– keep the vehicle clean.

The rented vehicle cannot be used:
– for towing other vehicles;
– in rally races and taking part in any event;
– by driver under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances;
– against customs, road or other regulations;
– outside the country without the consent of the Lessor;

It is prohibited to:
– if the car is used by people not entered into the contract
– smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances in a rented vehicle;
– exceeding the permissible load capacity and carrying the number of passengers greater than specified in the vehicle documents;
– making changes in a rented car or other changes without the consent of the Lessor, this also applies to company stickers and markings used by the Lessor.
– transporting animals without the consent of the landlord

In the event of a traffic collision or accident:
– notify the Lessor immediately;
– notify the Police or other relevant services;
– protect the vehicle;
– obtain documents and information necessary to liquidate the damage (declaration of the perpetrator of the damage, including the particulars of the participants, the number of the perpetrator’s insurance policy together with the insurer’s data, police note).

The Lessee acknowledges the obligation to make the Vehicle available to the Lessor in order to perform the periodic inspection. If it is necessary to carry out the repair in the rented Vehicle, the Lessor’s consent must be obtained. In this case, the Lessee is obliged to collect the VAT invoice on behalf of the Lessor. The landlord, after confirming the merits of the repair and the Lessee’s fault in the causes of the failure, returns all costs in accordance with the presented invoices.


The Lessor, unless the Agreement provides otherwise, shall not be liable for damage suffered by the Lessee as a result of a breakdown or damage to the Vehicle.
In the event of immobility of the Vehicle for a period longer than 24 hours, the Lessor shall, as far as possible, provide the Lessee or a person using a replacement car. A replacement car should have a standard corresponding to the rented car, and if the standard is lower, the rent will be reduced. Providing a replacement car does not apply in the cases of:
– storage of the vehicle due to the Lessee losing documents or keys from the car;
– stagnation caused by damage settled from the AC policy;
– immobilization of the vehicle outside the borders of the Republic of Poland.

– Return of an dirty or unwashed car – PLN 50
– Return of the car with impermanent (removable under standard procedures in professional car washes) spots on the seats, upholstery, luggage compartment PLN 350
– The damage was caused during the rental of the non-settlement of the perpetrator’s OC – segment A, B, C – PLN 1500, the remaining PLN 2,500
– Loss of a car guarantee by the lessee (the person driving the vehicle) – 5000 PLN
– Refueling the car with the wrong fuel – PLN 2,500
– Fee for transporting animals without the consent of the lessor – 500 PLN
– Transfer of data to the lessee upon request to authorized authorities (Police) – PLN 150
– Administrative fee for damage handling – PLN 300
– Making a cost estimate for the repair of the vehicle at the customer’s request – PLN 300
– Lack of or damage to the license plate, registration certificate or insurance policy – PLN 300 gross for each item
– Lack or damage to the vehicle key – PLN 2,000
– No or damaged wheel cap – PLN 200
– Lack or damage of aluminum rims or tires – PLN 500
– Lack or damage to MINICITY brand markings (stickers, frames, etc.) – PLN 200
– Making the vehicle available to a person not included in the rental agreement – 500 PLN
– A trip outside the Republic of Poland without the consent of the lessor – PLN 1500

Exceeding the kilometer limit:
The cost of exceeding the limit of kilometers 0.25 PLN for every kilometer.
Only applies to the mileage limit option.
At the time when the damage occurs during the tenancy, the tenant undertakes to pay its own share in the appropriate amount, unless the protection option was purchased at the time of signing the lease and was entered on the first page of the contract.
For smoking, consumption of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants in the vehicle, the Lessee will be charged a contractual penalty in the amount of the bail appropriate for the given vehicle group.
In the event of causing damage to the vehicle under the influence of unauthorized substances, the Lessee will be charged in full for the costs of repairing the Vehicle and restoring it to the previous condition.
In the event of a delay in the return of the Vehicle, the Lessee will be obliged to pay to the Lessor an amount equal to three times the daily rate for each commenced day of delay.
The vehicle is equipped with a device that prevents the vehicle engine from starting. In the case of untimely payment of the rent or other charges resulting from the contract, the Lessor, after unsuccessful calling of the Lessee for payment, is entitled to block the vehicle. The landlord will start the vehicle immediately after booking the due payment. For the period of immobilisation of the vehicle, the Lessor retains the right to rent. Bringing to a situation of immobilization of the vehicle and re-starting results in charging the Lessee with an administrative fee of PLN 100.


The Lessee agrees to the processing of his personal data in connection with the performance of the Rental Agreement, as well as for their sharing by the Lessor for purposes related to insurance OC / AC / NW or in the event of traffic offenses.


-Reclamations should be sent by mail to the address of the Lessor’s office indicated in point 1 or to the e-mail address: reklamacje@minicity.pl
Within 7 days from the date of submission.
– When submitting a complaint, the Customer is to indicate the following data:

• name and address of the complainant,
• contact
• subject of the complaint,
• circumstances justifying the complaint,
• the date of conclusion of the Agreement and the order number,
• Client’s client,
• bank account number or e-mail address,

– submitting a complaint does not suspend the payment for services. They will be returned to the address or account indicated by the Customer.
– Be-Lux Sławomir Lampkowski will consider the complaint within 30 days from the date of its submission. In the case of unrecognized complaints at the time,means complaint was included.
The response to the complaint is final and ends the complaint procedure.
– disputes between Clients who are Consumer and Be-Lux Sławomir Lampkowski in the point 1 may be completed on the way before the Provincial Trade Inspectorate, or before the Trade Inspection Court, in accordance with the Trade Inspection Act.


In matters not regulated in the rental agreement, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply accordingly.
All disputes in connection with this contract shall be settled only by the court competent for these matters at the seat of the Lessor.